Top 10 Tips: Gain Energy Now

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat vitamins supplementsDo you wake up in the morning and just feel like rolling over, too tired to get up? If you’ve lost count of how many cups of coffee you’ve had before noon, you might be lacking the energy you once had.

There are ways, however, to Gain Energy Now.

In your list of Top 10 tips to increase your energy, you’ll want to:

1) Take a trip to the doctor.  Have your thyroid checked and request a complete blood panel to detect possible anemia or a magnesium deficiency.

2) Sit down for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Getting the appropriate nutrients at the beginning of your day as well as throughout the day is an important step to boosting your energy.

3) Make sure you drink at least 64 ounces of water daily to replenish your fluids.

4) Have a power snack in between meals.

5) Reduce the stress in your life with a weekend getaway.

6) Take some time to evaluate your relationships and make amends where needed; conflict in your life may be consuming your thoughts and zapping your energy.

7) Try to ensure at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

8: Try to squeeze in a power nap midday if you’re unable to fit in the 7-8 hours nightly.

9) Delegate the things in your life that do not require your personal touch, such as house cleaning or even grocery shopping.

10) Exercise is an important way to bring the energy back to your life. Talk a brisk walk or take a class at the gym.

If you’re lacking the “get up and go” you once had, these Top 10 tips can help rejuvenate you and help you Gain Energy Now.

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat vitamins supplements

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