Top 10 Inner Thigh Exercises

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In order to have smoother thighs, gain energy and lose fat, you should perform inner thigh exercises, have a regular fitness routine and eat a healthy diet. In order to exercise the thigh muscles, you need to be diligent and persistent. Here are the top 10 inner thigh exercises that will help improve your health.

• Side lunge: Your feet should be positioned slightly apart, and you need to stand straight. You need to transfer your weight to the left side and then to the right. When you lunge to the side, your thigh should be parallel to the floor, and your knee should be above the ankle.

• Leg lifts: Your body should lie sideways on the floor. You should raise one foot into the air, and then lower it down slowly. Do this about 10 times, and then switch legs.

• Hip abductor: This exercise need to be done on a machine, so you will need to go to the gym. Make sure the machine is positioned so that you are exercising your inner thigh. Set the machine for a weight that is not too high or too low. Do about two sets of 10 and then rest, so you can gain energy for your next fitness exercise.

• Stability ball: This is one of the most popular of the inner thigh exercises. You should lie on your side with the stability ball between your legs. Use pressure from both legs to squeeze the ball for about three seconds and then release. This exercise really helps you lose fat in your legs.

• Modified Leg Raise: Lie flat on your back with your palms facing down. You should lift one leg high and then bring it down slowly. As you are bringing it down, form a semi circle with your leg and bring it back up.

• Stair runs: With this fitness exercise, you should find a set of stairs and then run up and walk back down. You should keep doing this for 10 to 15 minutes. This will also help you lose fat.

• Wall squats: Make your stance wide and keep your back straight against a wall. Do squats by sliding slowly down the wall. This is one of the inner thigh exercises that really enhances the muscle tone of your thighs.

• Inner thigh and hand stretch: Sit on the floor with your feet together. Your arms should be positioned behind you, and your palms and fingers should face away from your body. Your back should be straight, and you should compress your knees towards the floor.

• Double leg lifts: You should lie on your right side with your left hand on the floor in front of you. Your left leg should be on top of your right, and you should lift both legs up together, and hold them for about two seconds. You then exercise on the other side of the body.

• Double leg lift with a machine ball: If you need more of a challenge, do the double leg lifts while placing a ball between your calves. If you need to gain energy, rest between leg lifts.

These inner thigh exercises will improve your fitness, help you lose fat and help you gain energy; therefore, you will then have smoother fitter looking thighs.

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5 Resolutions For 2012

Gain Energy Lose Fat NOW New Year's Resolution

Welcome to 2012, the year you vow to travel and take up yoga, so you can finally learn how to relax and gain energy in a positive way!

Taking care of yourself is the most important resolution you can make, and deserves to be in the top 10 promises you make this year. It’s too easy to get caught up in day to day activities revolving around work and family. We forget to take care of ourselves along the way. Therefore, we’ve come up with the top 5 resolutions everyone should make in 2012.

1. Travel
Vow to take several weekend trips to nearby destinations, where you can relax and focus on yourself.2. Exercise
Yoga will free your mind of stress, and exercise your body at the same time. Sign up for a weekly class, or buy a DVD you can perform at home.3. Finances
Make 2012 the year you become debt free. Vow to save more money. Have 10 percent of your weekly paycheck automatically deposited into your savings account.4. Quality Time
Stop shuffling your kids around to weekly activities and actually take the time to do fun things together. Sign up for a cooking, art, or kickboxing class together.5. New Hobby
Pick something new to try this year and get yourself out of your boring, day to day rut.Your resolution to take better care of yourself, travel more, and take up yoga, will help you reach your top 10 resolutions this year. What are you waiting for? Get started and gain energy now!


Top 10 Tips: Gain Energy Through Holiday Stress

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now yoga best fitness exercise stress

If you want to gain energy, remain alert and reduce stress through the holiday season, incorporate yoga and meditation into your daily routine.

The holiday season can be a difficult time for most people.

Many people have too much to do, family functions to hold and difficult people to deal with. All of this can lead to stress and fatigue. There are some simple steps you can follow to make sure you do not wear yourself out this holiday season.

1. Eat right. Often poor nutrition can lead to loss of energy.
2. Sleep at least 8 hours per night. Making sure you get enough sleep each night can also help you feel energized.
3. Exercise. This can help you burn excess stress and anxiety.
4. Say no when necessary
5. Drink plenty of water
6. Avoid alcohol
7. Avoid too much sugar or caffeine.
8. Spread out your responsibilities so you are not doing everything at once.
9. Meditate
10. Yoga- just 30 minutes a day can help you gain energy and feel more alert.The eastern, ancient practices of yoga and mediation are the best remedies this holiday season.
Along with reducing mental fatigue, they can help you feel better physically by improving flexibility and stamina. The spiritual poses can help to prevent a number of health conditions, including hypertension and some cancers.

Mediation helps you feel calm and centered, reducing the frantic pace of the holiday season. To have a nice holiday season, make sure you allow some time for yourself.

By practicing yoga daily, you can gain energy, stay alert and decrease overwhelming feeling this holiday season.

Best Way to Gain Energy During Holiday Stress


Top 10 Exercises for Sciatica

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now yoga best fitness exercise

To relieve sciatica pain: back stretch exercise

Sciatica can cause leg and back pain and exercise, like yoga, can help alleviate that pain.

Here are 10 good exercises to try:

• Leg stretch: Sit on the floor with the pain-free leg outstretched. Grab the ankle of the leg with pain and pull it towards your body.

• Back stretch: Lie on your tummy and get up on your elbows. Push yourself up by straightening your arms.

• Cat stretch: On your hands and knees, arch your back like a cat.

• Pelvic tilt: Lie on your back and bend your knees. As you exhale, push your back down to the floor.

• Hamstring stretch #1: Stand a foot from a wall and put your hands on it. Put one foot back and push into the wall.

• Hamstring stretch #2: Have both legs straight while you are sitting on the floor. Hold your arms out and bend forward.

• Curl-ups: Lie on the floor, crossing your arms over your chest. Lift your shoulders off the floor.

Yoga is great for reducing pain from sciatica:

• Butterfly pose: Sit on the floor with your feet pulled close to your body and your knees out. Push your knees down gently.

• Forward bend: Stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend forward, keeping your back straight.

• Downward dog pose: In this exercise, your feet and hands are on the floor so your body looks like a V.

Click here to learn more about yoga.

These are just a few examples of things to do that will help manage pain. Any yoga exercise can help give relief from sciatica problems.

Gain Energy Lose Fat Sciatica Yoga

Yoga is the best exercise for Sciatica Pain