Top 10 Reasons Why Yoga Is the Best Exercise

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now yoga best fitness exercise stress

Gain energy now with Yoga exercises to improve your mind, body and soul.

Unlike other forms of total body exercise, this ancient practice focuses on improving the entire life of a person.

The following are the top 10 reasons why Yogais the best exercise, ranked in order of importance:10. BALANCE
* Most exercises will challenge one’s ability to balance which causes the inner-ear balance mechanism to be strengthened constantly.9. STRENGTH
* Poses require one to use their own body for weight bearing which causes muscle to strengthen naturally and in proportion to one’s whole body.8. FLEXIBILITY
* During these poses, the body naturally becomes more flexible. Unlike traditional workouts which include a separate stretching session.

* This physical workout is certainly about relaxation, but there is a rather intense cardio workout taking place at the same time.

* The main focus is one’s breath. This keeps the mind present in the moment and correct breathing actually makes the poses easier.

* Many Yogis report their mind to be calmer during and after their workout.

* Saluting one’s soul is a part of the experience. Self-defeating thoughts are encouraged to exit one’s mind during one’s practice.

* All poses can be altered to one’s current physical abilities which creates opportunities for challenging self to up the level of difficulty.

* A person is trained to focus on their breathing so they stay in the present moment. This practice immediately snaps us out of dwelling on current stressors.

* If practiced long enough, a person may be led to a personal enlightenment that is life changing.

Not only will Yoga cause you to gain energy now. Top 10 of people’s favorite exercises of all time is the practice of this ancient practice. This is a life affirming form of exercise, healing the mind, body and soul.

Top 10 Yoga Is the Best Exercise to Gain Energy


How to Gain Energy During Mercury Retrograde

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now During Mercury Retrograde

You may think that it is impossible during Mercury retrograde to make any headway with yoga or other exercise practice or to gain energy now at this strange time.

But, ah, it’s perfectly plausible! You might even be able to lose fat now during the Mercury retrograde pause. Unbelievably tantalizing possibilities, no? But how?

When Mercury goes into retrograde three to four times each year, everything seems to go backward–computers crash, you keep missing appointments, there are airline delays all over the world, you go on a diet and nothing happens OR you gain weight instead–just wait. Diligently practice your calming yoga to allow the time to pass peacefully, which will also help you store up energy for when the planet turns from retrograde and begins to speed ahead, and keep that weight loss program going with gusto! And indeed, you can, honestly, lose fat now (and thus gain energy now), even while you think you’re losing ground instead. One way of thinking about losing fat now during the planet’s backward motion is that you are undoing yourself, you’re moving backward, along with Mercury. Of course, another unfortunate idea is that when the planet begins to move forward again, you will gain the weight back. Don’t go there! Stay with the backward motion of Mercury, refuse the notion that you have to be a good astrologer, and go with the flow.

When you keep up your yoga and other exercise practices and go on a diet to lose fat now at this crucial and testy planetary movement, Mercury retrograde, you will most definitely gain energy now, right now, and keep it moving forward, even while you are concentrating on moving backward!

Yoga Best Exercise to Gain Energy


How to Gain Energy During SAD Season

gain energy lose fat now yogaThis guide will serve to explain more about SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how you can negate the effects and gain energy now,  thanks to some helpful tips.

You are certainly not alone with any feelings of sadness, fatigue, irritability or depression in the winter months. The change in weather can have a negative effect on many people. However, there are so many different ways to overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder and feel better no matter what the season. Here are some ways to gain energy now:

Exercise Regularly: Exercise has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate Seasonal Affective Disorder in patients. The endorphins from physical fitness can brighten your mood, eliminate fatigue, give you more energy and even increase your sex drive. Implement a fitness routine year round for the best benefits.

Breath: Some meditative exercises can be greatly beneficial for SAD sufferers. A large part of this should be breathing, such as in many yoga practices. Try a basic yoga class to understand more about calming regenerative breathing, or try it at home on your own.

Nutrition: While a symptom of Seasonal Affective Disorder is a craving for sugary and starchy foods, try your best to include nutritious, vitamin filled fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, try to take a daily multi vitamin to ensure you have adequate nutrition even if your appetite suffers.

By exercising regularly, practicing breathing exercises and eating properly, you can eliminate the effects of SAD and gain energy now!

Yoga Best Exercise to Beat SAD


Vitamins That Give You The Energy Boost You Need

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now Yoga best fitness exercise

Siberian Ginseng Helps Holistic Weight Loss

If you watch any daytime talk show, from Dr. Oz to The View, you’ll hear audience members asking for recommendations on vitamins that help them gain energy now.

The reality of late nights at the office and a weekend packed with errands requires a faster acting, reliable natural supplement. There seems to be more than enough information out there about the next big thing, and a trip to your health food store can leave you overwhelmed. But, while they all promise to be the best and the fastest, only a limited number of them really make the grade.

Let’s start with the true favorites. Siberian Ginseng, also know as eleuthero, has enjoyed a centuries long history of increasing physical stamina, as well as providing an initial increase in energy and mental alertness.
And then there’s B-12. These vitamins are so well known for giving users that powerhouse feeling that the term “a shot of B-12″ has worked its way in to American slang. Keep in mind that if you’re looking to gain energy now, shots or lozenges of B-12 are more effective than plain old tablets.

Now for the new kid on the block, Coenzyme 10, or COQ 10. It works on getting rid of irregular blood flow through the heart, and helps you turn food in to energy quicker. Also, CoQ10 is a naturally occurring enzyme that was discovered more than 50 years ago. The enzyme was found to provide protection to major organs like your heart.

Of course there are more, but these vitamins are a good place to start, combined with exercise, proper rest and a healthy diet.

And while someone else may be asking how to gain energy now, at least it won’t be you.

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now yoga best fitness exercise

Important to supplement your yoga diet with natural vitamins


Yoga: Best Way to Gain Energy

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now Yoga best fitness

If you are looking for an exercise to help you gain energy now, yoga is definitely a good option for you.

This type of exercise not only increases your strength, flexibility and balance, it can have other beneficial effects as well.

Yoga can help with stress relief, lower high blood pressure, and help improve your memory, concentration and attention span. Following simple breathing techniques can help you to increase your energy levels, and completing certain routines, called asanas, can help you balance your chakras, or energy centers, and help to treat a number of medical problems since it can increase your immunity.

Practicing these poses and techniques may help you to better control asthma or other respiratory problems, pain and arthritis. It may even help you lose weight and improve your mental performance.

You don’t have to be very flexible or strong or do the most complicated poses to achieve these and other health benefits. Everyone can do some type of routine, although people with certain conditions may need to modify or avoid certain poses.

Speak with your doctor to see if you need to make any modifications.

All you have to do is begin doing these exercises, starting with using the proper breathing techniques and attempting simple poses. Taking a beginner class can help you learn the proper form and some simple routines, but you can also get books or videos that can take you through routines that range from the simple to the complicated.

Gain energy now by adding yoga to your normal exercise routines.








How To Gain Energy Now

Gain Energy Now Lose Fat Now yoga best fitness exerciseStart a positive change in your lifestyle today; gain energy now and lose fat by motivating yourself to become fit and healthy!

Every journey starts with a single step but, even before the first step, there is a thought and a decision to begin. The same applies to your fitness commitment. Make the decision to develop healthy eating habits and stick to an exercise regimen that will burn off those excess calories.  As you engage in fitness on a regular basis, you will feel your body thank you with increased stamina and renewed energy levels.

Gaining energy and losing fat is all about balancing the amount of nutrition you take in with the amount of energy you use. Often, quick and easy meals don’t have adequate amounts of healthy vitamins and nutrients.
What they do have are high amounts of fat, sugar, and salt. These foods are packed with energy-dense nutrients that are difficult to work off when solid, physical activity isn’t part of your daily routine. Therefore, your mentality has everything to do with how you stick to losing this unwanted burden on your body; but don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this.Over 1.5 billion adults are currently overweight.
If this weight gain continues, researchers predict that, by 2015, nearly 75% of American adults will be overweight. That adds up to over 230 million people at risk of serious, preventable health concerns.

Make the decision today and take your first step to gain energy now and lose fat for a positive, healthy and active lifestyle.